• hospitals cant cope all need to be vaccinated so theres less chance of needing hospital ..if hospitals are full of covid..other health issues wont be treated
    • 11stevo73
      more rubbish go and have a look at the hospital. If they were busy they wouldn't be standing down staff.
    • pamela
      well here in australia , we already have ambulance stacking ..and thats before covid........ we dont have the beds
  • Because its not ok to force people to do what they don't want to do! Also some people don't need treatment. Others have natural antibodies.
    • pipey
      So you think police should never force people to stop driving without a license, or stop shooting at their neighbor's house, or stop beating up old ladies? Okay, then.
    • 1465
      Words of logic from a Liberal think tank.
  • There is no approved treatment for covid-19.
    • pipey
      Monoclonal antibodies are approved for emergency use, and the treatments for various side effects such as pneumonia are definitely approved.
  • *** #1 *** In the U.S., MANDATING such a test is a violation of individual rights. I.e. such a law or edict would be deemed unconstitutional. It would literally require an Amendment to the Constitution to allow such a mandate to be enforced. *** #2 *** I SUSPECT that you wouldn't be able to test EVERYONE quickly enough. I mean: if you could test EVERYONE in the U.S. in a month (which seems impossibly quick), how many of the people tested "Covid-free" in the first two weeks will have contracted Covid by the end of the month? spreading it to others?
    • pipey
      So you think blood tests for marriage licenses are unconstitutional? Better tell that to every state that has been requiring such tests for decades now.
      No, of course not...because marriage is never mandatory. If you WANT to get married, then there are hoops to jump through. At all times: your choice. If you are adamantly opposed to jumping through those hoops, you simply choose to not marry. NO ONE who wants to marry is FORCED to get a blood test. *** On the other hand, if you're just tooling around minding your own business, someone can't force you to get a blood test. *** As far as I know (admittedly I am no expert), the only time that you can be FORCED to get a blood test is (1) if there is reason to believe that you ARE ALREADY a carrier of a contagious AND dangerous disease . or . (2) if a court order mandates a blood test to be used as evidence in a criminal trial or paternity/maternity suit or something similar.
  • excellent idea! most positive people are asymptomatic. they can be given a script for a weeks worth of ivermectin or hydroxy and retested.
    • OrangeDonRump
      What a stupid thing to say. You'd be the type to brush your teeth with hair cream, thinking it will cure your hemorrhoids.
    • Charin Cross
      I usually don't respond to morons but I'll make an exception in your case Orange. I was tested last week. it took all of 1 minute and I swabbed myself. I was negative BTW. Proof my own immunity is working better than the vaccine.
  • Testing everyone on a regular basis is impractical. Trying to get a good proportion of the population vaccinated was a logistical nightmare in the beginning, and that was with one segment of the population at a time.
  • You can thank all the conspiracy whackos on the Right for that. Just be happy these idiots weren't around when the polio vaccine came out.
  • Yes I agree with you
  • Firstly, the CDC have already said that they believe 83% of the population have already had covid before the delta variant. Secondly, people need to accept that Covid is here to stay, like the flu, those in government have already said that it is unrealistic to think we can eradicate it, this is a world wide pandemic, we live in a globalised society, and the virus mutates. You are either vaccinated, and so have some protection, or unvaccinated meaning if you catch it your own immune system will deal with it or not. Hence, in the UK we have track and trace, we have home test kits, and if we think we have covid we go to the test stations and get a PCR test result in 3 days. Wear masks when indoors in crowded places, wash hands regular, and this is the reality we are now living in.
    • Charin Cross
      Right on all counts and the perfect solution Creamcracker.
  • Majority of people that test positive aren't sick. The world is a dud the people are being sold out.
  • Many ppl don't want to be tested or treated.
  • They have no interest in stopping COVID. They'll sacrifice anyone they have to to stay in power. They care nothing about children when they do nothing about child trafficking. And they care nothing about the elderly to shove them into care facilities with weakened immune systems so they'll die. And they care nothing about the border crisis because as long as they can keep COVID coming across the border, the longer they can maintain their mandates to stay in power. If people want to see the COVID crisis go away, they need to jump on the Conservative train and get these Marxists out of office and in jail where they'll no longer do the country any harm. Blaming Trump doesn't work - you people voted him out of office so Biden could "fix" America. It's been 9 months and Biden has fixed NOTHING. Every move he's made has been a train wreck. And still, you obsess with blaming Trump. You show a sense of responsibility as bad or worse than those you elected.
  • The same ppl that won't get vaccinated won't get tested.

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