• If they knew how to plan for that why would they cut YOU in?
  • Yes, of course. Larger businesses do that sort of thing as as matter of course (though typically they pay the "think tank" to come up with a plan that the company will act on, rather than one that the "think tank" will act on.)
  • If you can find someone gullible enough.
  • Yeah you could. The thing is these plans usually require an initial investment, which is basically what hiring MBA's does for businesses.
  • You can take the help of a fiduciary financial advisor or a certified financial planner. Their expertise is smart planning considering these fundamentals - income growth, capital stability, managing tax burdens, retirement savings, and emergency (liquid) funds. There are numerous investment possibilities and financial advisors select just those that best meet your demands among ownership investments, lending investments, and cash alternatives. Here is a quick read on how they can help you reduce risks and make wise investments.
  • Find a good financial manager who you can trust to guide you.
  • You can what happens if the plan doesn't work and you lose lots of money?

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