• It's gotta be Jack. All Jill did was come tumbling after.
    • Victorine
      Odd. All I know about poor Jack's crown is that he broke it. Didn't realize he was actually royal.
  • Well right now I am on Season 2, about Prince Phillip. So for now, he is. Incidentally I hated Tommy Lascelles and what he did to Princess Margaret. That poor girl never got a chance. No wonder she was so rebellious and became an alcoholic.
    • Victorine
      Well, there were other reasons, and Tommy Lascelles wasn't quite the villain he's portrayed as being. Bear in mind that "The Crown" is heavily fictionalized for the sake of drama and sensationalism. It's just entertainment, not factual history.
  • I love the Crown and have been making it a staple during the Pandemic. I'm on Season 3 and I find them all interesting in their own way.

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