• Why do people have nicknames? The reason is the same.
    • bostjan64
      People's nicknames (usually) make sense, though. Andrew - Andy/Drew, Michael - Mike, Edward - Ed, Nicholas - Nick, etc. Indiana - The Hoosier State (?). It' be like me saying, "My name is Bostjan, but people call me 'Throatwobblermangrove for short.'"
  • There is also the Keystone State and the Home of Brotherly Love
    • bostjan64
      Why keystone, though? I know a few people who call it "PA" for short.
      "Keystone" - because it was the "middle state" between Northern and Southern states (in a sense "holding them together"), and also (if I recall correctly - I might not!) because the PA vote was for some reason very influential in the Constitutional Convention.
  • I think most of these are intended to improve the state's image. CERTAINLY that is true in some states (for example: Arkansas, where the state nickname has changed several times, according to the economic realities of the time and the economic goals of the state government). SOME are more history-based (which is also an "image" thing, if you want to promote vacationers visiting historical sites in your state).

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