• I'd say if a suspect is pointing a gun straight at a police officers face. That's the only time.
    • bostjan64
      Only a gun? What if he has a knife, a hammer, or a pointed stick?
  • When their life or the lives of others are threatened.
  • It sounds like you're anti-rule of law. When is it morally acceptable to break the law? Before answering, make sure you understand the definition of "moral" - it doesn't appear that the concept is very clear to you.
  • IMO, only when (A) the suspect is placing someone else's life in imminent danger, or (B) the suspect has already proven he is an imminent, armed danger to others (by, for example, having killed someone very recently, or by having killed several people in a sort of spree) *** "Is it ever appropriate to use deadly force against a suspect who is restrained?" - Only if that person can somehow meet one of the two previous "qualifications" (and it would be a very unusual case for someone to be able to do so).
  • only if a weapon is pointed at them .is wrong to kill them if they are restrained ......
  • When it is a threat to them or others.

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