• Not too long
  • What? I forgot the question? Same here. I think I have ADD. My phone helps a lot there, and I have post it type notes on my home computer. I even forget stuff I put on my list that I took to the store with me! I have a list for each store, one for my case manager at the VA, one for my Drs., a calendar with reminders and notifications for my medications and appointments. And if you need to remember what they said record the conversation. I haven't gone quite that far yet, but I've considered it! This doesn't really help with the short term stuff though, like what I went to the kitchen for, or even to which room I was headed. Sometimes I wonder how far I am from going to the nursing home, but knowing might worry me so I don't dwell on it. It does get worse with age so hopefully you will learn how to adapt! And if you have any tips for us please share!
    • bostjan64
      I have a little digital recorder that I usually leave running during important conversations or meetings. Sometimes it doesn't pick up everything, and I've learned that other people can't be trusted to recall what they told you in pretty much any circumstances, no matter how certain they are that they said something or said something a certain way or whatever. I'm sure I'm just like everybody else in this way, but the recorder remembers what I say, too, so there's that. Personally, I'm not worried about the nursing home. If my mind goes, I won't really be here anymore anyway.
    • Linda Joy
      My phone has a recorder. That's a really good idea! I've thought I should have used it after the fact when I've gotten verbally defensive in a situation. I worked in a nursing home for a while and I remember one lady saying she was worn out! Said she'd been at the 'crick' all day with her kids. And she was in the bed all day. We're supposed to bring them back to reality when that happens but I think she was happier being 'at the crick'. My concern about the nursing home is as much because of physical limitations as mental ones.

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