• Personally, I would not. Not because of the message, but because of the nasty language used to present the message. It also seems like too long of a message for a hat. Try to keep it short and direct.
    • sazzzzzzzzz
      Hi, thank you for your feedback. Any other suggestions? To bring the same message
    • bostjan64
      Great question. I obviously don't know how to create such a slogan, or else I'd be making my own hats and shirts. Just thinking out loud, maybe "HENS" Help End Neurological Stigmas. Or just "Stop Stigma, Help Heal!" or "SSHH!" Picking the right slogan is difficult. But it has to be short enough to remember it hours after you saw it on a hat or tshirt you saw somewhere for only a second or two. If it spells something mnemonic or includes a meme, that helps a lot. People need to talk about it, not just see it and forget about it.
  • No. I'm for people with mental health issues getting the help they need not ignoring the issues. How is that going to help anyone? And I do mean ANYONE!
    • sazzzzzzzzz
      Thank you for your feedback. Do you have any other suggestions on what it could say instead? But still getting the same message across!
    • Linda Joy

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