• I think its a new technology. If by 'gimmick' you mean they mean to attract attention to their device, then yeah, duh! But its not a lie. It really is 5G and they really dropped 3G and below. My poor little phone barely kept up! And mine was free. It was given to me by someone who couldn't get it to work because she didn't know how to set up her mailbox. By the time I told her what was wrong she'd already bought another phone. I get unlimited talk text and internet for less than 50 a month including taxes and the only place I've had difficulty using it is at the VA Hospital. It works at The Annex though. But I've just got a 4Glte. It'll probably be obsolete soon, but it was worth every penny ! Haha.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Yes, I see thanks :)

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