• Well, you didn't specify the problem. My skin usually takes care of itself, and I've found the less I pack on my face the better it maintains itself. Its usually the crap you put on your face/skin that causes the problems that need correcting. I use plain water on my face and sometimes ivory. Its usually the soap and water that's too hot that dries skin out that causes you to have to moisturize and when you moisturize your skin says we have enough oil don't produce anymore and so the dry skin soap moisturizer cycle continues. The same is true with lip gunk, even chap stick will do the same. Not to mention all the crap in the moisturizers/lipstick/makeup. If you have acne problems use a vinegar solution and then apply coconut oil. They are both antibiotic / antimicrobial. But if you have ringworm, eczema or psoriasis you need a specific medical ointment/cream.

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