• I had (mostly, ha) nice, good teachers and I had friends, some from primary through high school. The teachers kept us focused and there wasn't a lot of nonsense and drama. < (Well, I do remember a few weekends in high school,)
  • This is in the wrong category. I suggest you click on categories and familiarize yourself with the categories that are available. You can't change it now. Only staff can. I did like school. I still like learning but will probably choose to school online if I go back. If I had a child in school I would opt for home/internet schooling, even if I had to hire a nanny which I most likely would not under my circumstances. I don't judge anyone else for their choice in this matter, though. Its a tough call to make. The social aspect would have to be compensated outside the cirriculum, but many things can supply that. If I home schooled a child I'd figure out how to get them a job of some sort. Too many people these days think they should have everything given to them. And they don't know how to manage money or human interaction relationships. Its very empowering to be allowed to work! And kids need to feel like they are a part of the family and can contribute at an early age. They should also be rewarded for effort, but also realize results matter. Being a parent is hard work if you do it right. Just doing everything yourself is handicapping your child and not teaching them how to do it themselves. Then if something happens to you the child hasn't been taught how to take care of themselves. Anyway, basically school is everywhere. Life is a school. You never stop learning and if you do you stop growing and either idle or start dying, or both. So stay in school, but make it a school you can live with and love. Learn what excites you, but don't stop learning.

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