• I figured it out. For some reason when you post in the health risks category it ends up under marijuana in the adult category!! How screwed up is that?!!
  • Do you answer your own questions often 😉
    • Linda Joy
      When I think it prudent. Do you ever say anything of value instead of just trying to stir up shit, complain about this site and being bored? White cats shouldn't play in shitwells it makes them ugly and makes them stink.
  • Yes I notice the more questions one asks they get on the leader board
    • Linda Joy
      I just put 4 of my followers on the leaderboard and they are not even here anymore!! So asking questions CAN'T POSSIBLY be the only way to get there. And as shit picker already pointed out I answered my own question because I had asked ANSWERBAG STAFF why it wasn't showing up but I figured it out before they had a chance to answer, and wanted to let them know.

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