• While in these cult type religions they study and one girl graduated this place is in Dominican Republic
    • DancesWithWolves Abducted for Jesus (Ethics Documentary) | Real Stories
  • Also this cult religion is strict and they have strange beliefs and you must go by their rules and there has been many of teenagers died at these places
  • The President of the United States should restrict people's religion? I'm pretty sure that's not one of his enumerated powers.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm pretty sure its actually forbidden by the first amendment.
    • Archie Bunker
      Yeah. I'm thinking that I read that somewhere.
  • The term “cult” is used loosely by many who may not be fully aware of its connotations. To prevent confusion, some theologians actually avoid using the term. Traditionally, the term cult referred to any form of worship or ritual observance. By that criterion, all religious organizations could be classified as cults. However, in general usage today, the word “cult” has a different meaning. Today, the term is applied to groups that follow a living leader who promotes new and unorthodox doctrine.
  • And when he tried to restrict people from coming in from China after the pandemic outbreak everyone was calling him racist for doing so. Y'all gonna bitch no matter what he does and with no logical reason. The first amendment prevents the state from dictating which religion we must follow - And if y'all screw that up the first Satan worshiper in office will trample all over your religious rights!!! This is a personal choice not a government issue.

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