• Life's too short for me to be mad or upset at someone ..It's freedom of speech on the website ..Hey i got pen-pal ads and someone literarily threatened to kill me for $5000..So when one does those things it's not good and anymore emails I will print them out and give them to the police
    • bostjan64
      Why would anyone pay $5000 to have someone kill them?! Sounds like a dumb ad.
    • StraightEdgeSociety
      Yes it is for sure Bostjan64
  • Not yet, but keep trying :D I use to wear a badge saying I'm not prejudiced I hate everyone.
  • Maybe once, but I got over it.
  • Some people like to have long toes so they can get trodden on even when you're a long way off, they're the ones who offend.

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