• Victor Tin Cat traps work. If you have already considered poison, put a sticky trap inside and bait it with a Snicker's bar. You can also use it the humane way, but there's really no point to relocating them; more will follow anyway.
  • This belongs in the jokes category! If I see a mouse or a roach I call the office and get pest control out here! Even if I am allergic to some pesticides! There's always benadryl!!! Pest control is essential!
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Pest control said that they can't come out until September or October. I've set out the expired poison, in the hopes that it will still work. I'm assuming that the reason for the expiry date is that it might lose its efficacy either by not attracting the rodent in question or by no longer being as lethal. I'll let you know if it has some other effect, such as mutating the mouse into some sort of monstrous Jeff Goldbloom fly creature. LOL

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