• BORN ON A FULL MOON The Full Moon is well known for driving people to lunacy, aggression, and in extreme cases, even lycanthropy. While it is unlikely that being born under a Full Moon will literally turn you into a werewolf, it is true that the Moon is intimately tied to a person’s emotions - and may have more control over you than you think. When a Full Moon occurs, the Moon is located directly opposite the Sun. That means that your Sun Sign, which controls the mind, and your Moon Sign, which controls the heart, are in conflict with each other. As a person who is born under the influence of the Full Moon, your life tends to be driven by internal struggles between what you know is logical, and what your heart truly wants. Worse, you might have a multitude of different desires, pulling you in all sorts of different directions. This is the reason why you may come off as inconsistent or indecisive to others.
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      This can be an asset in some cases, as your friends may find your unpredictability to be attractive and exhilarating. In situations where stable and consistent behaviour is expected, however, people might consider you to be flaky, or even two-faced. Despite this, it may be counterproductive to suppress your emotional side. Generally, people who were born on a Full Moon are more attuned to rhythms - both in the natural world and internally. You can become more successful if you harness your natural ability to ride the highs and lows of your emotional cycle, and leverage it to live a life balanced in between the extremes of your personality.
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      This is especially important since as a child of the Full Moon, your emotional energies can be very potent if you channel them appropriately. The trick? Allow yourself to give into the pull of your emotions and desires, especially the ones that might seem too unconventional or crazy. Being able to listen to yourself and follow your truest, strongest impulses is what’s going to pull you out of the stagnation that can come with wanting so many contradictory things. Being honest with yourself allows you to feel more grounded, since your energies are going to be more harmonious and focused on what makes you truly happy. This energy is what draws people to Full Moon children - but in different ways depending on your personality. If you’re an extrovert, your energy will be channelled outwards. Extroverted Full Moon children tend to have a powerful, luminous presence. When you walk into a room, people notice - like we notice whenever the Full Moon rises into the night sky. You are capable of being extremely active, fun, and wild - all traits that make people gravitate towards you
    • Cry me a River
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  • It's probably another lie he told among the daily lies he tells. He was probably defectated out, but trying to put a positive spin on being "mooned"
  • It sounds more like a wolf who disguises himself as nicer or more harmless than his true character. 😆
  • He truly is a lunatic.
  • he's a wolf in sheep's clothing!😒
  • I'm guessing you were referring to Trump. If you want to think he's a lunatic, you're entitled to your opinion, but don't blame it on an ancient myth about the moon. Its simply not true. "As powerful as this ancient belief appears to be, there’s little science to back up the theory that a full moon causes a swift uptick in emergency room visits or mental health unit admissions." "A full moon doesn’t cause an increase in these [lunatic] human behaviors. In fact, two studies found that during a full moon, incidence of homicide and trauma dropped slightly."
  • It explains a lot of the hair sniffing.
  • I don't believe how a cold inantimate object can influence a person's character.
    • Linda Joy
      And there's a difference between character and behavior in some of these myths the people actually transform into another animal. And there are extreme examples like drug use where an inanimate object can change a person's character . But I agree with you that I don't think the moon does.

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