• To bad you can't appeal your case. This is a question from your class? Not understanding the "Although he Doesn" part?
  • Not sure what you're asking here.
  • I have more questions than answers. A court ordered you to take substance abuse classes? I'm assuming they convicted you of DUI or DWI, then. But you said you don't drink alcohol. Did they convict you without any evidence?! Did you refuse a breathalyzer? Or are you saying that you were sick, meaning you took cold medicine or something and did blow over the legal limit during a breath test? If that's the case, did you drink an entire bottle of the medicine or do you weigh only 50 pounds or something? I'm also unsure what your question is. When typing out your questions, though, use a regular apostrophe, instead of a special character. This site doesn't allow any nonstandard or foreign (non-English) characters.
    • bostjan64
      I see you updated your description, but there is still not enough information to know what you are asking.
  • Use the orange icon with the pencil in it to edit your question. Take out the ' and key it back in. Then maybe we can help you answer the question. Did they give you reading material to go along with the questions? That's usually where you will find the answers.

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