• Depends on your measure of success. "The majority of businesses, on average, do not start turning a profit until as late as the third year. Some can take up to five and, of course, some never do." Spamming is never a good idea. It shows your customers you can't afford to advertise legally and will most likely screw them. Never trust spammers!
  • You need to sell good products, stay updated on the latest trends, be persistent and do not spam the same site repeatedly or it will hurt your reputation.
  • As for me, for you to be able to become successful in your business year after year, you need some virtual assistant to work with you. Here are some reasons why you need to hire a virtual assistant in your business, for some additional information visit my site.
  • Be persistent. Persistence will pay off in the end if you continue to do all the right things. You need to be consistent and stay focused on your goals.
  • One of the easiest ways to be successful in your online business year after year is by making sure that you have a solid action plan, and actually drawing out your business funnel. This includes your main offers, any upsells / downsells, etc., as well as listing out their price points and profit margins, guessing their conversion rates, guessing your ad costs per buyer, etc.. A great tool to analyze your business for FREE (with no signup) can be found here: You can pretty quickly see how some business plans might be horrendous and leave no money for you to advertise or acquire those buyers, but you can also see how some easy changes might drastically improve your profits. For instance, adding just a single upsell can often increase your profits by 50% or more. It’s also not a bad idea to read up on how others who’ve already accomplished what you’re trying to do have done, and following the advice that they give out. One of my favorite books for this is actually free online, and gives over 50 tips learned from over $100 million in sales. You can check it out for free here:
  • As a digital marketer or a salesperson, you may want to be flexible and working comfortably in your own style. You are not the only one, 44% of all sales executives don’t follow a formal sales process. According to the report of Havard Business Review, companies with a Formal Sale Process generating more than 39% revenue. What did the top companies do to achieve such a high level of success? There are 6 steps to the sales process. These processes are also the same as the number of the phone numbers, you need to dial the numbers in the correct order if you want to work and sell. It is the work and efficiency of each step that will determine your success and income, these 6 main steps in a sales process are: Step 1. Identify Potential Customers and Their Need. Step 2. Building a Strong Relationship with Customers Step 3. Make a Sales Presentation Step 4. Reply to Feedback Step 5. Complete the Sale Transaction Step 6. Take Care of Old Customers (Remarketing)
  • word of mouth and advertising
  • Earning an income that is greater than the expenses.

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