• Blue light causing retina strain is a myth perpetuated by the optics industry to sell more expensive lens coatings. There have been peer-reviewed journal publications about the reported phenomenon (for example, but although there is some statistical correlation between computer use and opthomological health, none of these studies have been able to establish an actual causal link. Some of these papers do claim correlation between mental health and blue light exposure (for example, but I have serious doubt about the veracity of the claim, since these studies often declare a causal link "proven" by observing the sleep patterns of people before and after cataract surgery. Of course people will tend to sleep more when they are healing and on heavy pain medications (!).
    • Zara Zoey
      There are many cases and positive results shown with good lighting though. There are different lighting at my home and workplace and I cannot focus on my work more than an hour. I did not take it seriously but it does affect me the eyesight. I have read something: and I think there are more benefits & no disadvantages.
  • They used blue covers on the fluorescent lights in the resource room where we took special needs kids who needed to calm down. Some had a regularly scheduled time in these rooms. Here is a link I found informative:
    • Zara Zoey
      Thanks for sharing it. I have read something about how light therapy can help in mental health and combat sleep disorders. You might like it:
  • You'll be more interested in the spectrum (also called CRI) of your lamps than in the color (temperature).
    • Zara Zoey
      Yeah, I am going for the charge up lighting.
  • From my own experience, there is nothing better than natural sunlight, which in moderation has many health benefits. Also the effects of florescent and narrow spectrum artificial lighting are quite noticeable to me in a negative way, the most immediate is eye strain and agitation. The cool spectrum of led lighting is consequential as well. Here's some more info that sheds light on the topic: One of my first teachers used Light and color to advance health and healing used color light to advance health and healing.

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