• What does it look like when you get blocked? How do you know? And why did it take you 5 years to realize it? If I think I've offended someone and don't know why (I usually know why!) I will ask them. I want a chance to explain and ask forgiveness if it was unintentional or a misunderstanding. What they choose to do with that opportunity to set things right is up to them and that's their choice. It could have been a mistake or a glitch. I've accidentally liked answers here and couldn't change it. I don't use FB much anymore except to post medical updates for my friends and family to notify everyone at once in a non intrusive way. I guess how you handle it also depends on how close you are to this neighbor. If everything is going well in your relationship maybe there's no reason to rock the boat. If I chose to address the issue I'd have to take care not to sound accusing or confrontational, just curious and nonchalant.
    • newyorknewyork
      I know because his page is available when I use a test account, but not found when signed in on my own. Noticed yesterday, when I attempted to send him a friendly message.
    • newyorknewyork
      Checked my inbox & I have e-mails related to his account up until exactly two years ago. There were issues in our building about six or seven years ago. Can't think of why I would have gotten blocked in the past two years.
  • I would not.

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