• Trying to get my deck replaced. The problem that I'm having is trying to get a contractor to actually come out and give me an estimate. No one ever shows up.
    • Linda Joy
      Is it hard to find? Oddly enough I had someone come out and build a small deck with steps to replace my stairs when my grandson came to live with me, and they didn't even ask or charge me! His other grandpa thought my steps were unstable. He did a good job, too!
    • Archie Bunker
      Hard to find during the summer when they're busy. When they're in need of work, you have to chase them off with a stick.
  • Finally started a major overhaul of my website, {{ }} The new website will be much more mobile-friendly. I've already spent over 100 man hours on the project and expect several hundred more before I can upload even a partially-complete web site.
  • I am reading several new books. Havana Nocturne, A Bunny's Tail, and a biography of Roger Corman.😄
  • Replacing the summer air in my tires with winter air.

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