• Because you choose to feel this way. Unless there is a medical reason why you cannont choose the thoughts in your own head like a chemical imballance. Most normal people can choose to think of happier times or something they like that makes them smile instead of choosing to convince themselves they are broken and need to be fixed. Then choose to worry over every aspect of why. Choose to think about something else its your mind! You control which thoughts get to stay! Why do you choose to feel this way? It is your choice to obsess and worry about whether or not you are broken. Ask yourself what do you get out of it? Attention? Is that why you posted this online? Having difficult feelings is not the same as having 'an emotional breakdown'. You should volunteer at your local VA Hospital or mental health center to get some perspective. Also they are not called emotional breakdowns anymore and if you think you are having them you really should educate yourself on the issue and see a professional. But start with a school counselor or your primary care physician so as not to waste your money or the valuable time of a mental health professional unless you need one.
  • Maybe you should start by telling us more about it.

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