• Its usually what I hear that inspires what I say. If someone tells me to tell them about me I'd be at a loss as to where to start. But there are some topics I could talk about for hours if I'm encouraged. I prefer getting someone else to talk about what interests them because that's when their personalities come out.
  • If what I'm hearing is horseshit to me then I'll most definitely change subjects and blah blah your ass off. xD
  • depends on who irn talking to
  • I never know when my lover is going to get disinterested in me, so I must use all of my literature skills to keep her attention. But sometimes I stop mumble.
  • I'm a talker.
  • Yes and I know it's bad habit to talk talk and not want to listen to everybody else
  • I'm a talker.
  • I’m a talker and a listener as well. Some people in the real world see me as quiet which I don’t like being told because it’s not true. Maybe they think I’m quiet because they don’t bother with me so I don’t bother with them or that we are not like minded or no interest. When someone speaks bull$hit, that’s when I turn off my listening switch

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