• We know what you are thinking but don't do that (you'll go blind).
    • bostjan64
      I mean, you can do that whilst listening to music anyway.
  • Give me the name of the masked man who rode with Tonto.
    • Linda Joy
      Do you think it was offensive to call him Tonto?
    • mushroom
      @Linda Joy Did you "Reid" that post carefully?
  • Read a book, write a book, listen to a podcast, write music, crochet, knit, philately, or you could do like the dung beetle and dance on a ball of your own feces. What did you have in mind?
    • kevin7600
      I thought of reading a book but can I do that same thing instead of watching a movie?
    • Linda Joy
      Sure the books are usually better anyway. And you can read a book instead of making cookies or solving the theory of everything!
  • Listen to annoying noises and obnoxious sound effects.
  • Watch movies.
    • bostjan64
      Unless it's a silent movie or bizarre art film, though, I'll bet that there is music in it. If you watch a movie with the sound on, you are going to be listening to music, no? [I apologize if you don't see the humor in this overly pedantic answer]
  • Have sex with strangers
    • Linda Joy
      And with STD's being what they are today you won't even have to worry about killing yourself anymore! Problem solved!
    • Queen Chelsea
      I think I love you
  • I have several games on my desk top that I like to play. I also like reading books, watching Criminal Minds.

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