• Caviar, Chateaubriand and Dom Perignon. Twice a day may be brutal, but we do what we must for the cause.
  • Anything and everything before weed!
  • Restaurants.
  • leisure travel
  • I would cut back on those restaurant meal delivery services ie doordash, grubhub, ubereats, You pay dearly for the convenience,
  • I'm a guy who can live with food, shelter and clothing, water and electricity and little else. Cheap food, too. So: it's easier to arrange in order the luxuries I'll pay for instead of the things I'll do without. *** SO the first luxury is heat. I mean: you NEED to keep your home above freezing for the sake of the water pipes, but I'll be content with the thermostat at 50 deg, and will go even lower if I need to do so. (You can buy barn thermostats that go that low.) I prefer around 65 deg. *** Nowadays, the next thing after the comfort of the home would be internet. I use it far, far more than television. In fact: I make some real fly-by-night $$$ with it, enough that I'd miss that supplement to my income. *** Next would be food. That is: I'd graduate from beans and rice, popcorn, potatoes and split pea soup to more expensive stuff, like carrots and frozen peas (I LOVE frozen peas) and spaghetti (with sauce) and various soups. Add once-a-week fish fillets and a glass of milk a day and you've got a really balanced diet. If my money's even better than that then I can consider things like meat, at least on occasion, and other fresh vegetables. When money gets good I can do things like salad and steak, meat more than once a day, even deli meat, and other horrifically expensive food items like cereal and chips. (Shocked me recently to discover that Frito Lays brand chips - that is: the good chips, almost all of my favorites are made by that company - cost as much as cheap steak now.)
  • Travel

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