• I used to see the commercials.
  • I know I answered this question yesterday. I just don't know where my answer went. Yes, I remember Kodak moments. I still have boxes full of many.
  • I do! Even after losing the actual photographs! But not as many as if they had survived. I'm sure God has it all on video!
    • mushroom
      Does He plan to show those old Super-8s of snowball fights and splashing in the swimming pool at every holiday?
    • Linda Joy
      I'm sure His technology is far superior to ours! And I think in heaven time is not linear like it is on earth. We will be able to go to that point in time and actually see and experience it again if we wish.
  • People are taking more pictures now than ever before, billions of them, but there are no slides, no prints. Just data. Electronic dust. Years from now when they dig us up there won't be any pictures to find, no record of who we were or how we lived. --Ben Ryder "Kodachrome" (2017)
    • Linda Joy
      That's not what I heard! What you put on the internet is there FOREVER!! Its the actual physical photographs that will not survive.
    • mushroom
      Sure, but after the EMP bursts wipe out our entire existence, all those bits and bytes will be just another drop of water in an endless sea of random particles.
  • Most of 'em got water damage, but I probably still have a couple thousand.
    • Linda Joy
      After hurricane Elaina I had a stack of photos an inch and a half thick all stuck together.

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