• start running
  • LOL I'd ask him to photo bomb a selfie! jk I don't do selfies.
  • I used to think that a Sasquatch was a kind of hell, haha
  • Don't you know that ole Sasquatch gets up in the tree crotch to play hop scotch to play you for your wrist watch? Go find Stompin' Tom Connors song of Sasquatch and learn why he is following your on your hiking.
  • Just remember that Sasquatch has been deemed a mythical creature, so someone has to live to tell the story. Trip your girlfriend, especially if she can outrun you. Don't look back or have any regrets. You can lead scientists to the scene of the incident to gather proof and essentially save others' lives :D
  • Sasquatch is just a crude hoax. There is nothing to follow anyone!

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