• You have scan the paper picture in scanner and get the soft copy in computer. It is easy!!! if don't have scanner, go to internet cafe and cafe operator to scan the image and sent it to mail or ask him in pen drive.
  • Here you can get a picture scanned at the library. You can put it on your flash drive or they can print it out. Provided you have the picture. If you're asking how someone can send you a scanned copy of their photo they can do it at their library and email or text it to you. If you want photo quality you need to use photo quality paper when you print it out.
  • You scan the paper copy in scanner and get soft copy in the computer. Then you can print or send it to your mail...
  • Have you tried the snipping tool on Microsoft? you can copy any photo on the internet.
  • You can also take a picture of the photo, but it won't be as clear as if it was scanned in at the library or kinkos or Office Depot could probably do it. WalMart might even.

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