• Can't be done if you want al dente pasta. That being said, I like my macaroni a LITTLE overcooked.
    • Linda Joy
      You want it? Lol I don't like to waste,but mushy macaroni makes my mouth sad! 😳
  • I have no idea. Maybe bake it in a baked pasta dish?
  • There's a spaghetti in stores that comes in 6" lengths - it's a pound box, I believe. The instructions on the package say to put the spaghetti in a pan, add cold water then turn it on. It gives a time to cook it for to be done properly. You'll have to do some stirring, but you don't drain it afterward. You can adapt the same principle to cooking macaroni - I do it all the time and it turns out well. No, I don't drain my macaroni - the starch doesn't bother me and after adding stuff to it, you can't even tell it was never drained. As far as salvaging overcooked macaroni, when it happens to me (on those rare occasions - I hate mushy macaroni as well), I'll eat it anyway and let it serve as a lesson to be more watchful the next time.
  • Put the maroni in a plastic container. Put some water in the container. Heat the container for about 3 minutes in the microwave. Drain the water. It should be edible. Tell me how it works out.

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