• That's a big 10-4 good buddy ! Keep the shiny side up an' we'll catch ya on the flip side. : )
  • I suppose so but lately the FCC has made many regulation changes, often technical in nature. Like Commercial Broadcasters going to digital signals, and radio required to be Narrow band which on an older radio will sound like somebody talking into a tin can.
    • Roaring
      Never heard of narrow band. Is that for AM FM and Shortwave?
    • RadioLogic
      There have been many style of radio transmission. Suffice it to say; most require NOT a single tone(frequency), but a small range which must be compatible for the receiver to hear it well. In an attempt to consolidate and make more room among the radio users; the pass band (range) size has been cut in half for nearly all radio transmitters.
  • I miss those good ole days in the 1970's when CB was at it's height so said the Colorado Briar Fox along I-70 In Gypsum CO. Any good ole CBers out there remember me?
  • From what I read its there just not used much because of the BS on it.
    • Ice man
      You should read more than the first paragraph. His wife/co-driver is sleeping when he isn't, so he keeps the radio turned down. That "panties" shit has been going on for over twenty five years. To get rid of it we adjust the squelch on the radio, end of problem.
    • Mircat
      Thank you for your help on how to read and answer. I read the whole thing and I read three other sites. This site was just representative of what they all said about not using it.
    • Ice man
      You're welcome and ...regardless of what you might have read ... I've actually spent many years trucking and can tell you first hand, that we still use CB radio for short range communication. Some of us also have UHF radios for long range.

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