• not that easily, right now im getting adult financial cause of applying for ssi and i get food stamps, medicaid and i have hud housing
    • Rick Myres
      Pearl I know how that is. When I applied for disability I was on food stamp benefits and Medicaid. And only living on $80 a month for 2 1/2 years.
    • Linda Joy
      I wish I'd known about that. I wouldn't have lost my home. I was in a homeless shelter the two years I waited on my disability case to go to court
  • Well, I sure would like to be with my sweetie right now and dance around the room once or twice. I'll just have to listen to a song and wish. That will be my "make do" moment.
  • By not complaining when no one is really interested and moving on with what you have.
  • I sure wish I could be there for my cousin who is getting married next week. Her Mother Father and Grandparents are all gone. I'd like to stand in for her Grandma whom I love dearly. I knew her parents but not as well as her Grandma. Makes me really sad I cannot be there. The third family time this year I have missed...again. : ( No way to "make do" on this one.
    • Linda Joy
      Skype ? Not sure if the obstacle is time or money. But Greyhound can help you travel cheaply it's time-consuming and tedious though.

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