• I don't really celebrate it any more.
  • i dont celebrate it
  • Simple the town people after Grinch stole everything.
  • boring, noone invites nne
    • Linda Joy
      Why do you expect someone else to invite you? Have your own party!
    • pearllederman
      you have a point
  • Its more simple now that I don't work and have children at home. I used to cook and decorate, organize parties for the crew and all that, but now I'm old and poor so no one expects anything from me. Its actually nice! lol. People invite me to dinner, and if I decline they bring me food and gifts anyway! I also have more time to find or make just the right gifts and decorations for each individual. But only if I want to. Its still one of my favorite holidays along with Easter. The most major holidays of all... but still simple.
  • It's as simple if you are in the Christmas spirit.

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