• Written as a statement. If this is a question that one agrees with it -- then the follow-up would be who decides what is vulgar?
    • tominhouston
      When it becomes necessary to qualify the other sides vocabulary I think that you can safely assume that they don't have much of an argument. The purpose of discussion is to debate ideas, not blow hot air and insults.
    • dumdum
      Was not even close to an insult -- seeking clarification. First part reads as a definitive statement. Second part begs the question, if limits are to be placed, who decides the guidelines.
    • Linda Joy
      y'all are talking about the vulgarity right?
  • I think that they should be free to say whatever they want. When all they have left is F bombs you'll know that you're not dealing with a great deal of intelligence and you win the debate by default. When arriving at this point it is fun to continue with a rational argument and watch their heads explode.

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