• I do...I have a pressure cooker and two pressure canners...They're useful tools.
  • No so much now but many years ago I was accepted into the Peace Corps in Nicaragua (very poor country in Central America). Somewhere before leaving I read that a pressure cooker would be helpful and I saw one at a garage sale super cheap. I bought it and brought it along with me for the 2 year adventure. I lived in a small town south of Managua and shopped for food in an open-air market. That was pretty cool and I got to know the vegetable and fruit vendors who would give me better prices. The bad part was the meat section because it smelled so terrible. The meat guy had a counter he made out of scrap 2x4s and behind the meat guy there were a few horizontal 2x4s with nails sticking out about 6 feet high. The meat guy would hang big chunks of raw meat on the nails. The chunks of meat were covered in flies and it stunk so bad that the first few times I was there I almost puked. I absolutely had no idea what cuts of meat were hanging from the nails but I'd pick one and ask for about a kilo of it. That meat was as tough as shoe leather, maybe tougher, but about a half hour in the pressure cooker it was super tender and really very tasty and those flies were a distant memory I tried to forget. I became known as the master Peace Corps volunteer chef in my area and had dinner guests frequently (who never had any idea the meat was covered with flies just a few hours ago). I also cooked rice in the pressure cooker but it came out well cooked but very glumpy. I threw in some milk, sugar, cinnamon, and a little vanilla and it was delicious rice pudding, which we ate for breakfast sometimes.
  • no, ive never used one
  • I used mine Saturday while canning green beans out of my garden and it worked great!

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