• I don't believe in jobs.
  • Another good reason for not eating at drive-thru/fast food joints ! I think I encountered one of that million kids at the hardware store check-out recently. I was there to buy two types of paint (interior wood paint & exterior metal/rust paint), the rust paint being twice the price of the other. The cashier had half her head shaved clean and the other half was a mop mess with 4 colors. Each fingernail was painted a different color. She had more facial piercings than I could count and some kind of Oriental writing tattooed down the side of her neck. Despite all this distraction I was smart enough to watch as she counted all the cans of paint but only scanned one of the more expensive, basically charging me double the proper price. When I told her that she had made a mistake and was over charging me .. I promptly got her attitude of "what's your problem Mr, I know what I'm doing !! " and she rolled her eyes. My only response was ..." Get the store manager over here because I ain't paying !! ".
    • Linda Joy
      I only just saw this. Great example! Lol!

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