• Love! And giving without measure. "Giving without measure"? (spiritual and material hoarding would be its opposite)
    • Linda Joy
      My initial thoughts were about the times when I've been able to do things that I know we're beyond my physical ability because of the help that I received from God. But I like your thoughts a lot! My question to you- is it considered hoarding if nobody wants what you have to give away?
  • This is about addressing God's ABILITY TO exceed our requests, through HIS power that's within us. We can do nothing apart from God. He chooses the degree to which He'll grant requests. He can go beyond our hopes in prayer when He wants to, but make no mistake - it's HIS power within us that makes possible the outcome.
    • Linda Joy
      And if he wants to turn your body into a useless mound of flesh he can do that too. Everybody should be thankful for what they have.

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