• Funny you should ask. I just began reading a book "Law and Society," which will cover that topic. Apparently there are many different aspects of the Law: including how laws are made, whether through logic, tradition and or morals. I look forward to learning these basic things regarding the law.
    • Roaring
      Look forward to hearing more about your studies
  • Social justice is now the PC term for equality of outcome. It's been hijacked by the liberals.
  • i think we should have social justice
  • In regards to?
    • Roaring
      To see how "equal rights under the law" impacts you and your interests, and how it shows in your community
  • One thing that stands out that affects true representation. "Citizen United" decision in 2010 which allowed unlimited funds being spent by corporations and unions is like an elephant stepping on one side of the scale of justice. [[ Corporations are Not People, and Money is not free speech ]]
    • Archie Bunker
      You cannot choke out free speech just because it comes from a corporation or a labor union. Even the ACLU agrees with that.
    • Linda Joy
      "I'll Believe Corporations Are People When Texas Executes One"~ Robert Reich
    • Roaring
      Love that quote. Linda Joy. Like your choice of words Archie. "Choke out free speech" That's what huge donors/lobbyists do to maintain a choke hold on the economy to the selfish interests of a very very few of their own. By the way how's the middle class doing these days? Workers and public servant wages? How many unions are left for collective bargaining? A strong fabric of a healthy community is All of us together. "Austerity" measures in a tight economy is completely man made, as that hoarder of wealth wipes his ass after taking a shit in his golden toilet. .
    • Archie Bunker
      Roaring, if the unions didn't have people to donate their money to, they'd have nothing to do with the money they force the employees to give them. And if you see fault with the system, then look where the problem is.... the politician. If the politician is taking money and steering their votes to appease the donor, isn't it the politician who is in the wrong? Shouldn't I, as a politician be able to accept money from whomever I want, as long as I'm not steering my votes to keep them appeased? That's why the system is broken. The politicians broke it. Not the rich guy. As far as the middle class goes, they'll be doing just fine if the government gets out of the way. Lowest unemployment. Higher wages. Unions? Screw the unions. The union is why our local GM plant is shut down. Because the maintenance guy wanted $32 to pick up garbage because the guy working the line wasn't allowed to bend over and grab the cigarette butt off the floor because it wasn't his job. They shot themselves in the foot. And as far as your golden toilet, if you make a billion dollars, you're more than welcome to spend your money on a golden toilet and wipe your ass with whatever you want. Equality of opportunity does not mean equality of outcome. And if your "all of us together" is in any way shape or form a pretext of socialism or taking from one guy to give to another, I'll fight you all the way. Taking from one to give to someone else, even if it's in your idea of "social justice" is still theft.
    • Roaring
      You make some good points about the failed aspects of unions. I agree those rigid job descriptions and over inflated wage does not work well. Neither does a law that changed how pensions were handled. When they were seen as hard assets, companies were obligated to meet their responsibility to the retired pensioners. As soon as they were categorized as a debt, their obligation was nill as they say "sorry all gone" and restructure after bankruptcy. That's thievery. So too as the CEO that gets rewarded $40 million for liquidating the value of a company instead of successfully running that company stealing those pensions paid by those retiree's, and worse closing a once viable business because they can pay someone south of the border $5 hour and no benefits and leaving another ghost town. Even the law of the jungle is more balanced. Once the lion has eaten he rests. Humans tend to have insatiable hunger for more more more. I also agree that money corruptible politicians are a huge problem in the two parties. If there is no consequence, what is to keep from this cycle perpetuating? What's to keep Nestle from pumping hundreds of thousands of gallons of water out of the ground while neighboring residential communities wells go brown or dry? Who owns water? Who owns oil? Who owns air? Who owns rivers and oceans? Who owns minerals? Who owns the sun? Ask that squirrel who owns those nuts under that walnut tree? Rightful ownership is made up. Look at redistribution of wealth through war. Do the victors ever consider themselves thieves of land, resources, people? The laws that allow the hoarding of wealth and resources by the .01% have to be challenged.
  • Some people find ,repent and believe the gospel, offensive. If their house was on fire and they were sleeping, wouldnt they want to be woke up?
  • Social Justice is not an entitlement program. Its a cooperation. In order to receive the benefits of social justice you must operate within the laws of society. If you do not, you have effectively sold yourself like a slave to the State and have no rights (prison). I found it interesting that synonyms for justice include nonpartisanship. But some people forget that it also means receiving a just punishment for a crime regardless of how much money or power you have. Personally I think most people in this country have an equal opportunity to education, jobs, promotions, etc. No, we don't all have the same amount of money. But I don't believe in communism, monarchism, fascism or socialism. I think if you make the bread you should get to eat the bread not be forced to give half of it to people who don't want to work. Its not a viable system. Even The Bible says 6 days shalt thou labor, and man shall eat by the sweat of his brow. Remember, justice means what's fair, and if you don't work you don't eat! There's no such thing as a free lunch. Someone has to pay for it. That said, I think we need more health (mental and medical) and job programs for the mentally ill. And our children need to be cared for. If the parents won't or can't care for them they need to be cared for by those who can and will. But I don't think the government should fund it. This is a humane issue and should be taken care of by humans caring for one another. Justice means you get what you deserve and that means you get what you work for. It doesn't mean you should be forced to give the money you earn to someone else. That's not fair! And its not justice! Even a small child inherently knows this.
    • Archie Bunker
      Now the liberals just find it easier to just kill the babies after they're born. Then no one has to care for them. Besides, they're too busy giving all your shit to illegal immigrants.

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