• Wow! That's really a tough choice to make! Your side has logic and security, while her side encourages independence and self sufficiency! I'd suggest joint prayer and/or talking with your religious leader on the subject, but if you're not religious maybe a family or marriage counselor could help. Then again maybe fellow ABers will come up with the answer that's right for you.
  • your wife has no choice. make her understand this point.
  • You can either be firm about family or be firm about business. Tell your wife that your parents need looking after as well and that the business will be yours in time. Thus you're not "depending" on your parents. Merely investing in one.
  • HOLY COW what a have my concern!!! .........if you follow the old 'bible' stuff, the wife is supposed to go where her husband goes; but then who the hell lives by the bible????????? LOL seriously though (sorry, had to sneak that in there!!!) she is in the wrong. your entire future would be much more secure with you in your dad's business; doesn't she see that? How about you go back, get into the business, and if she doesn't want to stay, let her go back to Europe and do what she wants? I know that sounds crazy but she at LEAST should give you and the family business a try........then after a period of time, go back on her own. OR.........stay awhile and maybe once a year go to abroad herself for a vacation. Only other thing I can suggest,,,,and many will make fun of this, I know, would be to consult AN ACCREDITED ASTROLOGER for a forecast for the next few months or one year.......astrology is very helpful when we 'just don't know what to do'..... If you have any doubt about this, just do it anyway........You'll be amazed at what you can learn........and I know I'll get razzed for this, but I've seen astrology work in my life and others' is not to be snickered can learn a great deal about yourself, relationships, and any number of things. anyway, I wish you the very best of 'accredited' astrologer is one who has passed an exam in the field of astrology...... You can go the AMERICAN FEDERATION OF ASTROLOGERS site and find out more about where one may be in your area............
    • jasper_bear
      hi, there, thank you for the suggestion, i will consider it. thank you once again😊
  • *** (Genesis 2:24) 24 That is why a man will leave his father and his mother and he will stick to his wife, and they will become one flesh. God told Adam:

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