• Good friends are precious and don't deserve to be discarded.
  • dude blocking him out of your life without telling him why is stupid but i get where you are coming from. there are obliviously some things that have to be considered under this situation. did u confess? and how did he react? little things like that can shape your whole relationship with him. so with the information you've given, i dont advice you to cut him off, thatll make you miss him even more. befriend him and see how things go :) best of luck
  • Deleted him off social media?? How about you actually try talking to him?!?!
  • You're NOT much of a friend!!! Now that he's seen the REAL you, he is NO longer interested in being your friend...problem solved!!! 😌
  • My relationship started off as friends, sometimes you have to give it a go. However, your behaviour of deleting him, rather than talking to him, may put him off you anyway.

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