• Put it in an envelope and slide it under their door, or mail it to them with no return address, if they have a home church you could donate it through them, you could anonymously pay one/some of their bills get someone to hand deliver it for you.
    • Natz
      Thank you. Yes I will most probably go with the idea of paying some of there bills. I will see if the school wil let me pay the school fees upfront for the year without anyone really knowing who paid it. I don't think I will be able to get it in under there door, as they live in townhouse units where access is not so easy without the person being there unless one of the neighbours know and we do not want. that
    • Linda Joy
      Glad I could help, and thank you for being kind too few are these days.
  • I agree with putting cash in an envelope and leave it for the friend (where nobody else is likely to find it). Include a note indicating who the money is intended for so they know it is not a mistake or intended for someone else but do not sign it or identify yourself.
    • Natz
      I was thinking of doing this and adress it to them in a printed version, so my handwriting can not be regonised with a note saying I have more than what I need and would like to bless them with this, also saying they must pay it forward one day. The only problem is it is not so easy getting into the complex they live in without anybody or the neighbours knowing

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