• *panics* Wait, what , I've got no eye lids??!! When did this happen!!! Oh god! Oh god! *runs off, flipping out*
    • Anoname
      Don't worry. They can do marvelous things with surgery these days.
    • Linda Joy
      Calm down Mr. Pants! Its ok! That's the magic of the virtual world! You can do ANYTHING!
    • Linda Joy
      I can crochet you some eyelids! With lashes even! Then you can look furtively from beneath them, or flirtively through them, or bat them alluringly. Stipulation: must wash the monkey before I touch it!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      LOL. Deal! :D And thank you! :)
    • Linda Joy
      Beats being cockeyed anyway right?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh lol. XD
  • ROFL! Just what I needed! Oh my! That's what's so great about the virtual world. You don't need the proper equipment to do something! And you can share without limit
    • Linda Joy
      I just passed this question in the list again and laughed all over again!
  • *news teletype beeping* This just in! A baby boy was born without eyelids today, at Beth Israel Hospital in New York. Alert surgeons were able to help the young lad though, by using the discarded foreskin from his circumcision to fashion him some eyelids. Doctors are hopeful. But they caution: he may be a bit cock-eyed. In other news....

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