• I'm going to use only Bitcoin.
  • They won't. Taxes causes an ongoing need for very small fractions of dollars to be able to spent physically.
  • 4-23-2017 Pull out my collection of copper pennies and see what they will buy. Remember, a dollar today buys what a copper penny bought a hundred years ago. People talk about "gold standard" in a country that can't even maintain a zinc standard.
    • Linda Joy
      Pennies haven't been made of copper since around 1837. Most penny collectors wish they were, right?
    • Jewels Vern
      ?? US pennies were made of copper in 1982 and prior, except during WW2 when they were made of steel. What are you talking about?
  • Since when has the US currency had pennies? I thought they had cents.
  • Celebrate! I usually use my card anyway, but my change usually goes to charity. It will also increase the value of a coin when it is discontinued.
  • Round up. The Treasury will then make no cents at all!
  • starve.

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