• I leave pennies be. But when I find a quarter, I see it a a sign there will be change in my life (positive change. But when I find a dime, that means legal trouble, and I walk by and refuse to even pause on it. Now a nickel...hmm...Mr Pants doesn't recall ever finding one in all the 200 years I have lived, walking around aimlessly, looking at the ground. Amazing. Well I guess people just don't lose nickels. ....I'm still waiting to find a thousand dollar bill, if not a roll of them. Any day now. Any day.
    • Anoname
      I knew a homeless man who would walk from one end of downtown to the other every day while looking at the ground. He said he'd pick up $20.00 worth of discarded coins each day.
  • I let it lie but not because I'm superstitious, or even a little stitious. I have back issues and someone else is bound to need it worse than I do!

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