• My intelligence is telling me that you should do your own homework.
    • 1!Telly
      I'm a Lecturer of the Mathematical association at The University of New South Wales. Some of my students said that this place has the brightest minds. I'm looking for them.
    • Anoname
      Eye, eye, Professor. Can't calculate the square root of a negative number so I can't answer it.
    • 1!Telly
      You will learn about it in high school
    • beaker95
      Excuse me, Sir Lecturer, but I am the most intelligent person on here (by quite some distance) and would be only too willing to assist you with your research.....
    • 1!Telly
      beaker95, answer this question first, plot the graph of x^2 + i*x, on the argand plane
  • Is it $3:52...?
  • You have people on here?
  • 1,000 (5 x 8") moist towelettes.
  • So clearly, this place is overrated in terms of Math enthusiasts Here's the answer. Now. e^(i*@) = cos@ + I*sin@, where @ is any angle. putting @ = 90 degrees = pi/2 radians, we get in LHS, e^(I*pi/2) and in RHS, cos90 + i*sin 90 = 0 + i*1 = i. Raising both sides to the power i, we get e^(i*i*pi/2) = i^i therefore i^i = e^(-pi/2) {as i*i = -1) putting e = 2.71828182846...and pi = 3.141592653... i^i = 0.20787957635
    • Anoname
      Ooooh, and I was sooo close! You asked for a value yet your explaination listed degrees and radians suggesting measuring an object.

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