• Is that alliteration or just repetitive grammar...?
    • Ice man
    • beaker95
      Oh how long I have waited to hear you mutter these breathless words behind me......
    • Ice man
      You've been licking the marmite jar again, haven't you.
    • beaker95
      Yes, whilst sniffing the warm beer....
    • Linda Joy
      Ice Man can I ask you a few questions while you're saying yes? ; ) ; ) Wait... never mind, you might tell me to go to lick the marimite jar!.
    • Ice man
      Not much chance of that, Beaker won't put it down. ; )
  • I've never seen it, but this question made me laugh! I think it's quite fitting.
  • I hope they get as much spam in their mailboxes.
  • it's karma
  • I'd rather see a troll trolling another troll.
  • I'd rather see a scammer scamming a scammer. Or lick the marmite jar.

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