• 3-26-2017 Yes. Here is a free ebook explaining why:
  • "Western Man" is too general a designation. Change happens so values once considered vital and important is questioned and discarded. Just in 40 to 50 years I have watched the U.S.A. in which I grew up "die" as people gradually lost their work ethic and sense of personal responsibility and religion and started thinking in terms of "rights" and "entitlement" , blaming others for everything and their only religion became themselves. They did not appreciate what they had so were all very willing to let it go both for selfish and high-minded reasons. Now hard work and sacrifice and success are resented or suspected and all we think about and look to are the government and the president.
    • CosmicWunderkind
      I'm 57 and personally, ever so since the 70's that term scumbag came into common vogue a lot more than is neccessary and the brother that used the term is now being described very much the same but more it seems. We emphasize our differences not our common similiarities and barring human nature itself which can be snide and tricky so eventually he who dies with the most toys win and you are blamed for not even trying. Yesterdays Democrat is now today's Republican and I think its due to the fact of high mindedness or entitlement and feeling ripped off by every elite President we've had. Veering off the issue, nature is its own justification for things and should be observed by a happy mass observer with guidelines for us all so that we don't individually slip into despair of not having Things! I'm a hippy theorist mainly since I believe in the sanctity of every bodies outlook barring any violence which disrupts rational, quiet thinking processes and ironically. You can go through too much like Kafka in life believing persecution troubles and that some people may not realize it all begins with with You. You can have the whole world try steer you attitudinally but within is where you begin to help. I just listen to Tangerine Dream Encore and you know what? I feel like I mentally died at 30 and all the music from 60 to 90's was alive and still is to me incredibly while anything after 1990 is shallow and non soulful sounding but Green Day is the exception with Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. I'm reading on The Open Library on line and I am reading Serpico at age 57 and talk about dissension in the crowd! God is alive and we'll on this planet and it is our mission to find him, not outright, but through landscapes and drug induced spiritual people. Western culture should turn more Chinese's all about teaching. I have to take shower now and maybe wake up to the reality of fantasy. Sorry I ramble on so much I am deprived and co dependant about people. Don't tell me life is all about suffering and learning but it is. Later.
    • officegirl
      If you are 57 then I was born two years before you. My parents were substance abusers and I left home at 17 and became a hippie and a groupie and abused drugs well into my 20s. The one thing I had to keep me going was knowing that I had to work for my keep. Eventually I was able to turn my life around and learned how to make a decent living for myself. I can't have a gloomy view as my life has been filled with love and people and adventure and finally a good husband and I have been able to have more than I ever felt I would be entitled to. Adults have toys we play with as well as children. I rejoice and thank God I have done well enough I am able to own some wonderful paintings and prints which we give me no end of joy. And that , with my husband, at last I am able to have a home of my own. No law says we have to own things. In fact our lives become lighter without them. I agree it ultimately has to come from within but we can learn from and emulate good models. If we enjoy life then we make it a learning experience. Western culture has long been fascinated by what we used to call oriental cultures. From the artists of the 19th century to yoga and Indian spiritual leaders in the 1960s to Macrobiotics of the 1970s and beyond. We have had these things to absorb and learn from if we were interested. When we are young music is much fresher and more important to us which seems why most of us especially value the music we loved in our youth. For my it was soul music and jazz. Later I learned to love and value concert music. Thank you for writing.

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