• Wish I could give you extra points for thinking that one up before I did. (lol) But to answer your question - YES., and only female names too. Can you imagine it : "Run for the hills everybody - it's a class 5 Gladys, followed by a class 4 Jo-Ann !!". : ) (I'm probably gonna get a beating for that one, but ya gotta admit it's funny) lol
    • Anoname
      It's funny. I can't take full credit on this one. This was a question I heard a stand up comic ask.
    • beaker95
      Sean Spicer...?
    • Anoname
      Don't remember who it was - only that I thought it was an interesting joke.
  • Smelly farts don't last as long nor do nearly the damage. They say you shouldn't name your livestock because then you get attached to them...
    • Linda Joy
      Reminds me of the song smelly cat.

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