• Ice man
      I appreciate you keeping it brief.
  • I'm thinking about growing one along with a haircut like Kim Jong-un.
    • Ice man
      LOL, I'll bet you'd be the talk of the town.
    • Azlotto
      Ha..That wouldn't be the first time I was the talk of the town. : )
  • I've seen someone with one. Many times a mustache looks great on the right person. However I always wonder how clean they are, beards as well. They look like they might be nasty to me. I'll be glad when the clean shaven look returns. Most men with that "stubble" look, NaStY. It makes them look like hobos and disheveled. Not a GQ look at all.
    • Ice man
      We have an old "Brit" who comes to our local Veterans Club. His handlebar suits his face and character. He's a delight to talk to, and has the funniest of old army stories. But it must take him a half hour of waxing to get his mustache into that shape.
  • Show off. Old. Didnt want to imagine it first thing in the morning.
    • Ice man
      It would look more like a "Fu Manchu" when it's wet and soggy after a good munchin' session.
  • I had one once but it was personally too much trouble for me.
    • Ice man
      How big were the curls ?
    • Rick Myres
      The curls were not so big I just had trouble keeping them curled and get in my mouth.
  • i think its their business if they want to have one
  • This style reminds me of time past. Daniel Day-Lewis had in a movie. It is different from other mustache and interesting. This idea I would try but don't see many wear it in my area.
  • I've known several men during the 1970's who had handlebar mustaches, because it was popular at the time. I don't like handlebar mustaches so I never grew one.

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