• Haha no does not make me gag but is not pleasant. But please understand what we wear in scents as well as clothing, hair, and makeup is very personal and important for us so such effects will happen and best to get used to them.
    • Ice man
      Actually I do understand (I thought I made that clear in one of your Q's, I guess not) about how people take pride in their personal appearance. My problem was being stuck in close quarters with an elevator full of ladies wearing different perfumes and the collage of them making my eyes water and not being able to breathe. I couldn't help thinking it must surely bother them too ?
    • Bleurgh
    • officegirl
      Ice man sorry can't recall all your answers. I agree we too often overdo on all counts and the reason is lack of confidence and comfort in ourselves. I very seldom wear perfume because I think the way we naturally smell is best long as we are neat and clean. Being older I do use makeup but very basic. My point was simply that grooming being the highly personal realm it is such protests are ineffective.
  • You think an elevator is bad! Try a school bus full of young girls with cheap perfume! Talk about burning eyes and stopped up or-factors and a stomach about to churn!
    • Ice man
      Yes, I can sympathize with that.
  • They were the ones gagging, if you know what I mean.....
    • Ice man
      Yes but not for the same reason. : )
    • beaker95
      For exactly the same reason.....
    • Ice man
      I meant it wasn't the perfume making them gag, you beast !
    • beaker95
      I know, I was there.....

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