• No, it doesn't.
  • No, there could be other explanations. But the fact that you ask this questions means that you are insecure about your attractiveness. Maybe you don't meet the right people.
  • Absolutely not. Potentially it is quite the reverse, in fact. Guys may think that you are out of their league and so they don't even try. A lot depends on the kinds of guys you spend the most time around. Throw in that the MOST likely place you will be asked for your phone number is a bar or a club, and that may as much explain why you have never been asked. As a guy, I strongly suggest that if you are interested in a guy - tell him by asking HIM out. Here is a secret: Guys like to feel desirable every bit as much as you do. You should not spend your days hoping to meet someone who might make you happy. Go out and find that someone yourself.
  • I frequently ask myself this question. What others have told me as I've asked this question is that it's a possibility. However, to keep hope alive, there is someone out there who will find you beautiful.
  • Maybe-how old are you? Step up yourself a bit-see if things change.

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