• You would have to fashion some sort of bracket(s). Not knowing the size, weight, type or purpose makes it difficult to give a much better answer. A simple set of brackets or fasteners could possibly be made from "plumber's strapping" -easy to bend and has holes through it that you can put screws in to fasten to your plank. You might need to put a piece of rubber in between motor and straps. Another option might be to get some large hose clamps. Have a look around the plumbing dept. at your local hardware store for other things you might use as brackets.
  • 1-24-2017 You can't assume that everybody knows what you are talking about. You have to explain what you want. Do you want to mount the motor on a plank and turn something else, or do you want to turn the plank? Stepper motors come in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes, so the only straight answer is to get somebody to look and see what it needs to get the job done..

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